Join the Beltone Rewards Program

  Share your passion to help the hearing impaired by becoming a Beltone Rewards Member!    There are 37 million people in this country who could be helped with hearing instruments. Unfortunately, only about 20% have taken the step to get help and improve their quality of life.  Most often it is because they do not know who to trust to take care of their hearing health needs.   When you join the Beltone Rewards Program you will receive Reward Cards for you to give to your friends, family, or anyone you feel could be enjoying life more by wearing Beltone hearing instruments.  The cards entitle your friend/family member to a free hearing test, a free trial, and an additional $50 discount per hearing aid.    When we receive this card, we will know that you referred this patient to us.
(There is no greater compliment that we can receive than a referral from you! THANK YOU!). 
If we are successful in helping him/her hear better and enjoy life more, as a thank you for the referral, you will have the choice of 1) a check for $50 per instrument purchased 2) 64 batteries per instrument purchased 3) an additional $50 off per aid for your friend 4) a $50 donation made in your name to the charity of your choice for each instrument purchased.
So call us at 1-800-485-1596 and ask to sign up for the Beltone Rewards Program today!


As a business Owner, we know that providing stellar benefit packages to your Employees is important to you.  At Beltone Hearing Aid Center, we would like to offer you the opportunity to extend special hearing care discounts to your employees.

These benefits include: 
  • FREE Hearing Evaluations to include full audiometric testing and consultation
  • Free Video Ear Exams
  • Free Office Visits
  • Lifetime Care with Belcare
  • Warranties on all new digital instruments
  • Battery programs
  • A special Discount on digital hearing instruments. (cannot be combined with other offers or insurance plans)
  • Coverage extends to friends and family members

For 75 years Beltone has been synonymous with hearing care. We offer a full range of industry leading hearing instruments and back them up with customer service that is second to none.
Are you involved in your Church or Community Group?  We can offer these same benefits to your congregation or Community Group at NO CHARGE to your organization

CONTACT 1-800-485-1596 and ask for our Benefits Coordinator to see how you can offer this great benefit at NO CHARGE to your organization for your Employees, Congregation, Community Group and their friends and families.